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Can North African artists hope for more than a critical success in Europe ?

As Maghrebian artists intensify collaborations with European artists and set their blueprint in record companies, the road to commercial success is still slowly being paved. The language barrier and big cultural distance seem to be the weighting factors. Without reducing the genre, the spirit of World Music remains more vivid as ever.

The NAAR collective launched their SAFAR album on September 13th. A project including collabs between local Morrocan rappers and international rap headliners. The objective? A succesful exportation of Morrocan rap. However, it has been received as an image project by many music players (media, streaming platforms,...) . In other words: a beautiful project without commercial potential, thus predestined for its result.

The goal of this seminar is to identify hindering factors for Maghrebian artists in their conquest to win over a mainstream audience. It will also analyse the examples of previous artists, in particular the rai and R&B waves of the 1990s and 2000s.

Date: 7.11

Time: 10:00 - 10:40 : screening (37 min.)
10:40 - 11:45 : discussion

Place: Palace
Public: open to all - subscribe
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Language: French → translator in English

Guests :

Mehdi Maizi

Karim Ech-Choayby
Art Director / Universal Music Publishing France

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DMZ Peace Train Festival: a Woodstock-like music festival on the Korean demilitarized zone

A festival that promotes peace and unification on the most divided part of the country: The Korean Demilitarized zone

Glastonbury Festival’s main booker Martin Elbourne came up with the idea while visiting Korea in 2017 where he linked up with the Zandari Festa festival organizers Dalse Kong Yoon-young and Lee Dong-yeon.

The pros went on a casual visit to the DMZ and this is where Martin captured a field near the border while the others were getting into tunnels caved by North Koreans a long time ago. The area seemed like a great place to organise a festival. After many talks with his team, he got the chance to explain the concept to the mayor of this region, who owned most of the DMZ zone. Early 2018 he went back to Seoul he convinced the mayor and his associates to fund the first edition of the festival. Organising a big festival was not new for Martin, however it’s needless to say that the process of the first-ever edition of the DMZ Peace Train Festival contains some interesting stories and anecdotes.

Date : 8.11
Time: 10h30 - 11:30 : talk

Place : Cinéma Palace
Public : open to all - subscribe
Subscription : RSVP HERE
Language : English
Guest : Martin Elbourne / Performing arts promoter (Uk)

Hosted By : Mathieu Fonsny / KuratedBy (Dour Festival, Marsatac, ...)

DMZ Peace Train Festival